Talks & Posters

Die besondere Natur von Experiencer-Objekt-Strukturen
2019 (June 3rd) Talk at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum linguistic lecture series

The peculiar status of experiencer object structures
2019 (April 16th) Talk at the Ben Gurion Linguistic Colloquium

Evaluation in experiencer object structures
2018 (March 6th) Talk at the Final Colloquium of the SFB 732. University of Stuttgart

Psych verbs under the microscope (The licensing of sentential subjects and the evaluative semantics of experiencer object verbs)
2017 Talk at the LAK – Linguistischer Arbeitskreis Köln. University of Cologne

Pronouns in the psych domain
2017 with Elisabeth Verhoeven. Invited Talk at the Debrecen Workshop on Pronouns. University of Debrecen

The licensing nature of psych verbs
2016 Talk at the Colloquium of the Institute of Cognitive Science. University of Osnabrück

Systematic meaning shift in the psych verb domain
2016 Poster at New empirical and theoretical perspectives on the literal/non-literal meaning divide. University of Stuttgart  

Testing psych properties: Backward Binding in German. Theoretical considerations and experimental evidence
2016 Talk at Linguistic Evidence. University of Tübingen 

Exceptional binding with experiencer object verbs in German. Challenges and opportunities of experimental evidence
2015 Talk at the 12th Event Semantics Workshop Binding of event and other variables, University of Stuttgart 

Backward Binding of German possessives
2015 Talk at the Workshop on Locally bound possessives as a window on language structure. 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE), Leiden University 

Backward Binding as a Psych effect – A binding illusion?
2014 Talk at the Berlin-Stuttgart Meeting on Psych verbs, University of Stuttgart 

Backward binding illusions? Psych effects in theory and practice 
2014 Talk at the Workshop on the Syntax and Semantics of Experiencers, Humboldt University of Berlin 

Methods, data types and modules. Cross-linguistic comparison of types of relative judgments 
2014 Poster at Linguistic Evidence, University of Tübingen 

Structural visibility of strong affectedness: The licensing of object-first structures in German and Greek 
2013 Talk at the International Conference on Greek Linguistics (ICGL 11), University of the Aegean, Rhodos 

Processing EXPERIENCE. The licensing ob object-first structures in German: Evaluating stability across relative data types 
2013 Poster at Architectures and Mechanisms for Langage Processing (AMLaP), Aix-Marseille Université

Where do experiencer-first effects come from? An empirical study on the effects of animacy and case 
2013 Poster at Linguistic Evidence – Berlin-Special, Humboldt University of Berlin.